Project Information

Client: Lufthansa Technik - Sofia

Project: Upgrade of a 100m span hangar to a 2 bay facility in 2008 and the addition of 3 further bays in 2012.

Area: 22,000 m2

Cost: €16.7 million

Commissioned: October 2008 and October 2012

Lufthansa Technik, Sofia Bulgaria

October 2008 - October 2012

In late 2006, when I worked in conjunction with Canty & Co, we first visited Sofia to inspect a 100m span cantilever hangar (6,000 m2 with 2,400 m2 of backshops and offices.) During 2007 we worked with the team from Lufthansa Technik based in Sofia to prepare the layout and have the design completed. We selected 2 companies to work with us for the project. Plan31 were the design consultants. They are primarily a structural design house, and bought in MEP expertise. In order to obtain approvals in Bulgaria you need a checking and approving company, for this we selected Rafailov consult. The project was to develop a 2 heavy maintenance bays with painting capability and support workshops and offices. The overall design provided for a wall in the existing hangar to make the 2 bays, the offices and workshops became support shops and offices. A new workshop complex was constructed to the rear. The project was tendered in November of 2007 and work commenced on site in December 2007 preparing the hangar and carrying out the fireproofing. In January 2008 Miks commenced on site as the main contractor. The works were completed such that on bay went into service on 28th October 2008 and the second on in March 2009.

In August 2010 we travelled to Sofia to review the expansion possibilities, and in November we were commissioned to prepare an expansion plan to include upgrading the neighbouring hangar to make a 2 bay facility) and to provide a line maintenance hangar to replace the neighbouring hangar. (Complete facility to by 5 in total). In December we selected Plan 31 and Rafailov conult to work with us again. In February 2009 the project was tendered and the contract awarded to Miks. Technoimport export, a company with close relationships with the Lufthansa Technik Sofia’s Joint venture partnership, were appointed to carry out the complete design but using Plan 31 for the work associated with the facility. On 1st January 2012 the 3rd bay went into production followed by the 4th bay at the end of march and the 5th bay on 28th October, 4 years to the day, the 5 bay facility was fully up and running.